Blog Prompt: How are you plan on getting more followers this year?

Book Blogger New Year's Challenge
Parajunkee has set up a New Year’s Challenge and has questions set over 14 days and I will try and answer as many as possible


  1. Interact more on social media (twitter, commenting on blogs etc) with publishers, writers and readers
  2. Write the best possible content – not only new content, but reviewing what I’ve written previously and updating where appropriate
  3. Post regularly – I’m planning on every two days
  4. Write more than just reviews
  5. Make sure my Social Media messages are set up more effectively, making use of Hash Tags etc
  6. Dont rely on one tweet to do all the work for me
  7. Make use of sites such as BookBloggers and Blognation to get my presence known
  8. Have made sure that my “Follow Me via email” widget is available on all pages – this wasnt there before and I couldnt work out why people weren’t subscribing. It was because they couldn’t!
  9. Using tools such as HootSuite to make sure my message gets out there not just when I remember to go online
  10. Remembering to reply to comments on my own blog

9 thoughts on “Blog Prompt: How are you plan on getting more followers this year?

    • type in hootsuite and take a look! Allows you to take care of multiple social media outlets in one go, plus (auto)schedule updates – especially good when you – like me – have followers in different time zones


  1. I’ve been using BufferApp to schedule my tweets and FB page notifications after I schedule a post. It seems to work fairly well. It’s web-based. I have a hard time typing on my iPhone after the move to iOS7. The keys seem closer together!


    • there are lots of these types of apps for scheduling – i’ve just recently come to hootsuite, so will be interesting to see how long my interest in it lasts!

      A combo of comments, tweets, memes and seo faffing seems to be helping – seems relying on one source of followers is not a good idea


  2. Great list! I’m not very active on Twitter or my Facebook page, as I tend to lose track of time once I long in. I usually don’t post every day, but plan on three times a week once this challenge is over. Good luck with your goals!


    • that’s one of the reasons I’m using hootsuite – i can schedule my posts then walk away and spend time doing something else

      Good luck with yours too!


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