Blog Prompt: Share a Blogger Horror Story

Book Blogger New Year's Challenge
Parajunkee has set up a New Year’s Challenge and has questions set over 14 days and I will try and answer as many as possible


Thankfully I haven’t had a blogger horror story happen to me (yet!).  But we’ve all heard about them I’m sure.  Those Authors who are so invested in their work that they cannot imagine anyone not immediately in love with the work they have created. Should someone break cover and say that it wasnt the best thing since sliced bread then the reaction becomes personal. The name calling, the screaming and shouting, the emailing, the call out to other fans to bombard the reviewer with hate talk, trolling and even death threats.

Not all of these are first time authors either. There are some who have published several books, and have garnered enough fans that the internet trolling can be overwhelming.

I’ve seen posts from authors blaming editors (who did the work for free, mind), as to why all the reviews came back saying “story wasn’t bad but could have done with some editing”.  I read your post love. If your books were written they way you write your post,  the problem wasnt the editor (bearing in mind the adage that you get what you pay for, an editor doing a freebie can’t work miracles). By the way authors – bloggers shorthand translation “could have done with a decent editor” = “could have done with a decent author to begin with”

I no longer have a link, but Neil Gaiman shared a link to a review on one person’s blog, where he wrote along the lines of “story wasnt bad, but the author really let down by whoever did the ebook formatting for her” – only for the reviewer to be hit with an expletive laden torrent of abuse from the author herself about him, his review, his parentage, new anatomy tricks he should try out,  how he didnt know what he was talking about (30 seconds on his blog showed that he read ebooks and this genre almost exclusively) etc etc. No matter who told her how many times that it wasn’t about her, it was about the formatting of the book, she didnt backdown or apologise – in fact she got worse!  Even the “you know 1.6 million Neil Gaiman fans have now found this under the heading “here’s how not to respond to reviews”  don’t you?” barely stopped her.


2 thoughts on “Blog Prompt: Share a Blogger Horror Story

  1. I’ve been lucky enough not to have any horror stories yet either (knock wood), and am appalled by some of the things I’ve read today! We should be allowed to state our honest opinions of a book without the fear of being attacked. Authors should NEVER respond to negative reviews, as it never ends well.


    • If a reviewer has written it well, then an author should welcome a negative review – it shows they have written a book worthy of constructive discussion.

      If the reviewer has written nothing more than “author is a smelly poopy pants” well then, the author shouldnt lower themselves to “the one who smelt it dealt it”


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