Book Journals biased towards Men – Year of Reading Women 2014

A recent article in the Guardian Newspaper continues their ongoing commentary on the bias of both US and UK book journals towards male writers and reviewers.  This ties in with my recent post on Equality, as well as previous posts on the same subject here and here

From a small American literary journal’s vow to dedicate a year’s coverage to women writers and writers of colour to author and artist Joanna Walsh’s burgeoning  #readwomen2014 project, readers – and publishers – around the world are starting to take their own small steps to address male writers’ dominance in the literary universe.

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At American journal the Critical Flame, editor Daniel Pritchard has just announced a year dedicated to women writers and writers of colour, citing the Vida figures as part of the reason for the move and saying that “nothing will change if people do not act morally within their sphere of control”.

Personally I already read what I believe is a suitable balance of authors – I dont plan on changing my reading over the next year and read female authors exclusively this year.  I will continue to blog about the books that interest me (and some of those that dont!) no matter who wrote the book.  Whilst the plan to read female authors is a good idea, it’s the need for reviewers, journals, newspapers etc to be talking about works by female authors that I see as more important.  One of the other things noticed by Vida last year is the lack of women getting their reviews published – of works written by women OR men.  The implication being that womens’ writing is less important than mens’, both in terms of

So, are you aware of your the split in the authors you read? Do you already favour female or male authors (or vice versa)? Are you actively going to change your focus of reading, or are you going to continue as you were? Do you think it’s important to have an aparent balance in the authors you read?


One thought on “Book Journals biased towards Men – Year of Reading Women 2014

  1. At the end of August I counted up the books I’d read in 2013, and only about 18% were by women authors. I decided that for the rest of the year I would alternate books by male and female authors. I didn’t stick strictly to the F M F M pattern, and it’s hard to calculate percentage when you read a lot of mixed author short story collections, but I did achieve the goal and I am continuing in 2014, although it will be hard as the vast majority of books on my TBR pile are by male authors.


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