Book Review: The Ghost of Castle Ravenswych by Charlotte Louise Dolan

ravenswychThe Ghost of Castle Ravenswych by Charlotte Louise Dolan

When Marcus Lord Cheyne takes possession of his inheritance, he is not expecting the castle to be haunted by a ghost—especially not such a beautiful ghost as Rowena. As for Rowena, her biggest problem is not that she is trapped within the walls of Castle Ravenswych, which she is, but that she is not, in fact, actually deceased…

Rowena fakes her suicide in order to escape her lecherous guardian who is pressurising her into getting married to get hold of her money.  However she doesnt realise that whilst she remains under 21 years old, he can still force her, so she needs to remain out of sight for the next year.

Not long before her 21st birthday, the heir to her uncle’s castle returns to England to recover from his injuries incurred in Spain. Her secret is at risk of being found out, but she still risks things when the staff are away for a few days and Marcus falls ill.

Marcus feels he’s dreamed the ghost who pulls him back from the brink and is devastated to find out she’s “died” and seems to be haunting him and the castle. It takes a while for him to find out that the haunting isnt coming from the person he thought.

This is a short book, and whilst Rowena is an independent, sassy heroine who doesnt mind breaking the rules (often without thinking of the consequences), this book is not deep on character development, and there’s only 5 characters who make any kind of appearance in the story.  It’s not a shallow story, but it’s not a deep either.  Nothing wrong with it, but will be forgotten soon enough……



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