Book Review: Destination Unknown by Agatha Christie

destinationunknownThomas Charles Betterton, a famous scientist, has vanished. Conflicting reports of sightings of the missing man have come in from all over Europe. Then, his wife of six months decides to take a holiday to Morocco for a rest. That’s when a strange and surprising series of events begins to unfold.

I purchased from Audible, and when I started to listen to it, I realised that I had read this a long time ago.

Olive’s husband disappears from Paris, and as a scientist just after the war, his disappearance makes people nervous. Olive travels to Morocco to escape things, but ends up fatally injured in a plane crash.

Meanwhile, Hilary Cravern sits in a hotel room planning her suicide after her daughter has died and her husband has left her. As she has a passing resemblance to Olive (Same height and age, red coloured hair) she is persuaded to embark on a probable suicide mission to find out where all these scientists have disappeared to.

Much of the book is spent then in covering Hilary’s journey and the corresponding search for her in the wide expanse of North Africa

Audible version read by Emilia Fox, who performed a satisfactory role, though her American was a little less jarring than her European accents


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