Book Review: Batgirl, Vol. 1: The Darkest Reflection by Gail Simone, Adam Hughes


As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics–The New 52 event of September 2011, Barbara Gordon is finally back as Batgirl The nightmare-inducing brute known as Mirror is destroying the lives of Gotham City citizens seemingly at random. Will Barbara be able to survive her explosive confrontation with this new villain, as well as facing dark secrets from her past? A new chapter in the riveting adventures of Batgirl continue in stunning fashion, with script by fan-favorite Gail Simone and stellar art by superstar Ardian Syaf This volume collects issues 1-6 of Batgirl, part of the DC Comics–The New 52 event

3 years after being shot and paralysed by The Joker, Barbara Gordon (daughter of Gotham Commissioner Jim Gordon) is back and suited up as Batgirl. She has moved out of her father’s house and into an apartment with a roomie that she secretly suspects is some kind of anarchist.

This book is split into two, where Barbara fights two villains – first Mirror, then Gretel. Both are damaged and in confronting them, Barbara realises just how easy it would be for her to have turned into something like them. Meanwhile she has to come to terms with her relationships with Nightwing (aka Dick Grayson, formerly known as “Robin”) and trying to keep her knowledge of just who Bruce Wayne is and exactly what he is capable of. Her mother, who disappeared when Barbara was young, returns to Gotham, attempting to worm her way into Barbara’s life – baking her favourite muffins etc – whilst Barbara is trying to work out what she wants.

Storyline is good (I never read Batgirl before now and believe that the Gail Simone work is a serious kick up the bum to a character out of the mainstream for nearly 20 years). The artwork is clear and clean as is the lettering – looking forward to Book #2 in the series (which is waiting on my bookshelf!)


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