Book Review: China Governess by Margery Allingham


Timothy Kinnit, rich, handsome, well-bred, learns on the eve of his elopement, that he was adopted. When Timothy becomes the chief suspect in a housebreaking and later a suspicious death, his fiancée enlists the help of Albert Campion.

One of the later Campion stories, that features not so much Campion and even less Lugg (who barely gets a speaking part in it all)

Set about 20 years after WWII and Timothy, about to elope with his fiancée, finds out that he was adopted and the man he thought was his father isnt. Meanwhile, in a slum part of London that was bombed out during the war, a new start is threatened by a model flat being trashed by an unknown assailant.

Everything comes together, pulling together the fall out from the Blitz and the confusion of evacuation, blackmail, murder, and alcoholics.

Not the best Campion book, (too much focus on the other characters in the book to allow Campion to come through) and not my favourite – the fact that it took over a week to complete what is quite a short book shows this.



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