Blog Prompt: What is the best book marketing tool?

Book Blogger Hop

Coffee Addicted Writer is having a year long blog hop with weekly book related prompts and I’m looking to take part in as many as possible

What do you think is the best book marketing tool? Blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest, or goodreads?

I get to hear about books from a variety of sources. I dont use pinterest (so that’s clearly not a good source of marketing to me), and I follow few publishers or authors on facebook, so that’s not a good source either.

I pick up a few (but not many) books on Goodreads, and only since I’ve been following certain groups on the site.

I have had more success with the Early Reviewers group on Libraything and so I am more aware of certain writers after receiving books from there.

The primary, and therefore best marketing tool for me is Twitter, where I get to interact with authors and publishers. The secondary source for me is my (this) blog which provides an email route for contact with me.

That’s what I think – what works for you?


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