Book Review: New X-Men, Vol. 2: Imperial by Grant Morrison

imperialNew X-Men, Vol. 2: Imperial by Grant Morrison
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

As protesters lay siege to the Xavier Institute, Professor X lies in a coma, trapped within the shattered form of his evil twin, Cassandra Nova.

Charles Xavier has been betrayed by his identical twin Cassandra – she has stolen his body and taken to the galaxy, using his good name to destroy worlds and send people mad.

Meanwhile the Xavier school is under attack, first by non mutant humans wishing to destroy the mutants, then by sickness, then by Cassandra’s warriors, hoping to destroy all of the mutant verse.

It’s a long book, that could have done with a little culling – the journalists appeared at random times when you had forgotten about them, and there is only one saving grace for Dr Mccoy where he gets to turn down someone who had hurt his feelings before. This coming at a time when he is becoming more and more “Beast” like and feeling that he’s losing his humanity

“Classic” X-men drawings this isnt. None of the mutants come out looking particularly attractive, even Scott and Wolverine and often they appear old and tired. There’s the usual young man’s fantasy of busty girls wearing barely-covering-nipples outfits (with no corresponding male eye candy for the girls). However there are decent fight scenes, and the damage done to the x-men shows that they are less than invincible.



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