Book Review: Alabaster Wolves by Caitlin R Kiernan

alabasterAlabaster  Wolves by Caitlín R. Kiernan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For nearly as long as she can remember, Dancy Flammarion has fought monsters, cutting a bloody swath through the demons and dark things of the world, aimed like a weapon by forces beyond her control or questioning. But now, for the first time, Dancy finds herself alone–and the wolves are closing in.

First time I’ve come across Dancy, which I picked up whilst shopping in my local comic book store and deciding to try something new.

This hardback is a collection of the 5 story arc where Dancy is left by her Avenging Angel to face the monsters and Wolves alone (apart from the talking blackbird and the ghost of the werewolf she kills in the first story).

This is not an easy journey for Dancy, feeling alone and angry that she seems to have to do the dirty work for the angel but gets deserted at her most challenging time.

Story is good, graphics and lettering are decent and reflecting the disintegrating world that Dancy finds herself in


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