Armchair BEA 2014 – More than just words

Another of the Armchair BEA discussion points, this time about “More than just Words“: There are so many mediums that feature more than just words and enhance a story in a multitude of ways. Examples may include graphic novels and comics, audiobooks, or even multimedia novels. On this day, we will be talking about those books and formats that move beyond just the words and use other ways to experience a story. Which books stand out to you in these different formats?

Graphic Novels

Design by Amber of Shelf Notes
Design by Amber of Shelf Notes

Anyone who has delved even slightly into this blog knows that I am a fan of graphic novels/comic books. I have a standing order in the local comic book store, where I pick up something nearly every week.

The majority of my recent Graphic Novels purchases have been tied into the big houses (DC and Marvel) with occasional forays into the Vertigo lines (mainly because they have signed Neil Gaiman and the Sandman line of books).  I have nearly reached my fill of the big houses, so am looking to spread out into the smaller houses, newer writers/inkers, whilst still trying to support the authors I know (e.g. Paul Cornell who has previously written the Demon Knights line, and is now in the big league with his own Wolverine story arc).

Arkham Asylum has recently had it’s 25th anniversary, and it was one of the Batman books that I felt I had to pick up and read again – certainly not one i’d give to the nieces and nephews!

alabasterI’ve already reviewed Alabaster Wolves. I have books 1 and 2 in the Saga line, which I have yet to read, but has been getting rave reviews (Saga book 1 was nominated in the the Graphic Novel section in the Goodreads 2013 vote).


I started listening to audiobooks a few years ago, when I had trouble with my eyesight. I listened to few of them last year, and this year I’ve almost kept to my resolution that I listen to at least one audiobook a month.  Interesting how you dont realise how important the narrator is until you get a bad one! I’ve had a couple of books from audible (Shogun and Travels of Marco Polo) where the narrator has been so unattractive to me as a listening, that I’ve been unable to finish listening.  Meanwhile I love listening to James Saxon (sadly now dead) in his narration of the Ngaio Marsh books.


Craftlit is a podcast, where Heather talks for a few minutes about craft related items, and then releases one or more chapters in audio format from a public domain book.  The last book discussed was “Age of Innocence” by Edith Wharton and read by Brenda Dayne, and the current book is “North and South” by Elizabeth Gaskell (which I have to admit I havent listened to).


14 thoughts on “Armchair BEA 2014 – More than just words

    • Brenda Dayne is lovely reading “The Age of Innocence” (you can get it via craftlit) – she has just the right voice for it!


    • I’ve been lucky in the narrators I’ve had – due in part to some clever planning on my part!

      And Happy ABEA to you too!


    • if you decide you dont like the craft talk, Heather also does “just the books”, which is the same book content sans the knitting!


  1. I have only tried listening to audiobooks a couple of times and both times I just cringed hearing the narrator’s voice. (I had already read the books) So far they just aren’t my thing. I’ve heard other friends say that you have to have the right voice for the book but nothing so far has compared to the voices in my head. (Okay – that makes me sound a bit crazy. Ha!) And comic books – eh, not so much. Glad you enjoy them though!

    Holly @ Words Fueled by Love


    • what ever works for you! And dont ALL readers have voices in their head? I do! (I would worry if you didnt).

      Ok if you dont like comics – but perhaps you just havent found the right one – it’s very dependant on a number of factors, including the character, the writer, the inker, the colourist etc. Soooo many things influence your choices – if you have a local Comic Book Store, go down and talk to them, let them walk you through various options and see if you find the right one for you……(you wont be judged if you dont find one!)


  2. I had been on a good roll with audiobook narrators until recently. I ran across a bad one that made me question my judgment. I am hesitant to review the book because I am not sure if some of my issues with it were related to the narration or the actual story told. SMH.

    I haven’t tried any podcasts. I am going to check out Craftlit. Thanks for the recommendation.


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