Blog Prompt: How many posts do you normally publish per week?

How many posts do you normally publish per week?

Due to Armchair BEA going on this week, it’s been rather unusual to have multiple posts going out each day on my blog. I have to admit that it has pushed up my stats and the comments I’m getting, but that’s due in no small part to having over 400 book bloggers concentrating on the same thing at the same time.

If I’m not doing a themed reading (e.g. Romances for Valentines day), I schedule posts on alternate days, so around 3 or 4  a week. If it’s themed, I will look to be doing  about 1 review a day.

After doing this for about a year (end of 2014), I will look to review, and see whether the alternate days worked or whether I should go to a more day-specific rota of posts, e.g. a Sunday summary post, reviews on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with a random post somewhere on the other days. I dont know I havent decided – think it will depend on how many posts I have. I know regularity is one thing, but sometimes familiarity can breed contempt.

This is a balance between producing content on a regular basis, and having something that I still enjoy writing to be published – if I was publishing a post every day I’d soon come to hate it!

What about you? How many posts do you publish a week?


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