Have More Than One Copy

HarperCollins are having a month long twitterfest with the tag #bookaday, with a daily prompt. Some I will take part in on twitter, some I think deserve a little more in terms of a blogpost.

So I know I have a number of books that I have several copies of, and the ones at the top of the pile are Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

I did P&P for O-level (Exams for 16 years old students until 1987 in the UK) and had to pull it apart in the way only 16 year old girls could – there’s a certain fascination with Regency rules of love and romance that appeals to girls of that age.

I dont think I did Jane Eyre for any exam, but have had an on-off relationship with it over the years. First thought it was ok, then verbose and boring, then “meh”, then somewhere in the naughties (roughly when  the Toby Stephens mini series came out) I re-read it and was in love with it again.

I have multiple copies of both books lying around the place when the release another edition, i’m in the bookshop and in the mood to buy a book, and I havent got a version with *that* particular jacket on. I’ve got a Jane Eyre which cost me £2 and has a coffee mug stain on the front. I have a whole set of Jane Austens (I had to buy all 6 to make sure they matched), along with Penguin Classic versions of both, none of them new.

So what about you, do you have multiple copies of the same book and if so – which ones and why?



One thought on “Have More Than One Copy

  1. I’ve got more than one copy of the Harry Potter books. There are also books that I’ve got the original and the translation of. It’s nice to have a signed edition, but I don’t generally read them if it’s a good one. That’s when I buy another version. Great post, it’s a very nice topic to think about. I love book talk!


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