Blog Prompt: Regular Reader?

A set of prompts I found over at Lost In Books a while ago, so thought I’d answer here

Do you read from a book every single day?
Do you sometimes not read because you are busy or watching movies or otherwise doing something else interesting?
Do you sometimes skip reading a book but perhaps read magazines or blogs instead?
Do you feel weird if you skip one day without reading or is it okay as long as you can read the next day?

I dont read from a book every single day and most of the time it’s not a loss. There was a period of several years when I was in my late 20s and early 30s where I never read a book at all. I dont feel particularly weird about going one or more days without reading a book, as it’s clearly not the right day or time for me to be doing it.

This is often because I am so overwhelmed with the written word during the day, I am exhausted and overloaded getting it from that one channel that I have to get stimulation from somewhere else. I’ll catch up on some TV, listen to some music, sew, even do housework! Occasionally I even go to bed early, simply to catch up on some sleep.

Sometimes I wont read anything more than the emails and chatter at work. Sometimes it’ll be just the free daily newspaper, or the internet news channels.  I will flick through magazines, pay more attention to the blogs I may have been ignoring.  Or sometimes I will simply read a book!

So what about you? What are your reading habits?


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