Blog Prompt: Favourite Media

Do you prefer Nook, Kindle, other reader, or paper book?

I have two ereaders: A Kobo Touch that I got for Christmas a few years ago, and an iPad mini, that has kindle (and Kobo) software on it.   Having these readers allows me to read books I would never have read otherwise, but with the down side of that the formatting on the galleys can be appalling. I’ve had more migraines than I care to admit because of being unable to get my eyes round tiny fonts that the publishers have made impossible to improve.

As per my “pet peeves” post a few months ago,  ebooks expiring due to the publishers making use of the expiry date within Adobe Digital Editions also annoys me.

Meanwhile I have an apparently ever expanding paperbook shelf that keeps glaring at me and I am slowly making my way through reading them and passing to friends as appropriate.

In the end, it’s hard to go wrong with a paper book.  The feel of the paper, the smell of a new book, the breaking of the spine, and,on occasion, the dropping in the bath with no side effects beyond some soggy paper!  Paperbooks also have the benefit of being able to be passed to someone that you might think would like to read it. Have yet to attempt to purchase an ebook on behalf of someone else – have no idea whether it would work, and I’m not going to spend the same price as a paperbook only to not only to be able to legally share it!

The whole ebook versus paperbooks is a well worn discussion, that I for one am fairly bored with already. I like both, and use both where and when the situation arises.

So what about you? what is your favourite media for reading books?


One thought on “Blog Prompt: Favourite Media

  1. I’m tired of the e-reader versus the book debate too. I have both a kindle an an iPad with kindle app and find this perfect when I’m travelling. But nothing will make me move away from physically books, just the experience of buying one from a shop trounces the experience of downloading one.


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