The Sunday Salon: Reading Places



I’ve been following The Sunday Salon (and several blogs who take part) for several months and finally decided to take part and start contributing.   I am a fairly voracious reader and can read in most places but….

Reading whilst Travelling

I travel by public transport (trains, planes and buses) and cars fairly regularly and of various different travelling times. When I was a child I was able to read in a car – and was forever being told I’d make myself sick as a result! In the last few years, I have realised that I am unable to read text whilst even making short journeys.

I initially thought it was just the reading of text so I used the travelling down to an airport on the coach to try out listening to an audiobook. Unfortunately the motion of the coach and the general lack of moment means that I am lulled into a light sleep. I therefore wake up 30 minutes later having missed a whole chunk of the story and unaware of where I got to previously.

I am currently doing a daily commute of about 90 minutes, but only read on occasion. On the morning route, I’m often reading the newspaper, or simply catching up on sleeping ahead of a long day. On the way home, I tend to listen to the radio – BBC Radio 4 have several news programs followed by a comedy program, which can be less demanding than trying to concentrate on a book.

So what’s my favourite place to read?

As you can probably tell from the above, I am no longer able or really willing to read whilst travelling. Therefore I generally read whilst static  – mainly at home, etc  I usually lie on or in my bed, but sometimes also read in my sitting room – though that is the room where the TV is! I also listen to audiobooks, mainly when I want to do something with my hands, such as cook or clean

So, What about you – can you read whilst travelling?  Where do you prefer to read?


11 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Reading Places

  1. I miss being able to lose whole days to reading…just lounging about with my foot cocked, bent into an impossible position, just lost in a book…these days it feels like I’m stealing time…it’s not just being busy outside but being busy in my head too…being too wound up, I guess… mostly these days, I read in lines like at the power company where it’s the only way I can get through the interminable experience…it’s difficult to read on our buses (they’re loud and jostly so mostly I just observe, daydream or roll story ideas around in my head) but sometimes I read. The last good read I had though was on my birthday lying in a lounge chair on the beach with only occasional interruptions from beach vendors…got through a big chunk of Tayari Jones’ riveting Silver Sparrow that day…and even got some writing done. Perfection.


  2. I’m not a traveling reading either. Of course, it might help that I don’t travel very much…my preferred place to read: our couch. I can’t read in bed. I fall asleep. Can’t read at coffee houses anymore. Too much distraction. I’m a couch reader, that’s about it and because of my job where I work sometimes later in the day or have a day off here or there, I do get to read in large chunks. I don’t read very well in smaller periods of time. I usually need at least an hour if not more…also might help that we don’t have children. Our cat, I can lock in the bedroom if he’s being a pain. 🙂


    • i have the occasional bouts of insomnia, so reading helps with that. It either sends me to sleep or I catch up on reading! either way I win!


  3. The only time I get to read while travelling is when I’m on a flight. I always, always over estimate how much I can read then. I load myself up with reading material thinking I have so much time to indulge in my favourite activity. But then find i can’t concentrate for any length of time.


    • I start, then fall asleep! Or get interrupted by the trolly dollies, the other passengers. One time I was handed a random baby to hold as parent went to bathroom!


  4. I use to listen to audiobooks while I was driving during the day, but now that I’m not driving I don’t listen to audiobooks too much. I do love reading and do that in bed or in the living room relaxing on the couch.


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