Book Review: Raiding the Hoard of Enchantment by Dave Smeds


Raiding the Hoard of Enchantment by Dave Smeds

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A full-length collection of high fantasy short fiction by Dave Smeds.

A lover spun from moonlight. A wife banished for carrying the child of a demon. A queen, beheaded ten years ago, whose sage counsel may still save the realm. Here are tales of swords, of magic, of romance. And of the struggle to be splendid of heart whether the opponent be within or without.

Won in ebook format (from Book View Cafe) as part of the May 2012 batch from Librarything‘s Early Reviewers, it consists of a number of short stories, which (judging by the end notes) have been previously published elsewhere.

Occurring in every story, Smeds does seem to like using the word “hiccuped” which I suspect he nor his editor has noticed, probably because the stories have been written over a longer period that if written specifically for this publication. However, that’s just a minor sidetrack.

Each story has a female protagonist, finding themselves in unexpected situations, from the girl who (to get themselves being sold off to pay debts) becomes pregnant by her dream lover; to the girl who travels the world with her uncle who is in possession of a magical book that scribes their lives and thoughts, with always the temptation to find out how it ends.

Doubt that any of the stories would translate into a full length story – i think they are all pitched at the right length and end just at the right time. Not usually a short story fan but think these were most enjoyable

You can purchase the book here


3 thoughts on “Book Review: Raiding the Hoard of Enchantment by Dave Smeds

  1. I appreciate the compliments. It would help if your rating was entered. I noticed on Library Thing that you gave it a very good rating, but here it is zero (i.e. it hasn’t been entered) and unfortunately at the moment this is the page that turns up at the top of the results when a person Googlesearches on the title. (By the way, a few other titles also need their ratings entered.)

    My byline is Dave Smeds. It’s also my legal name. I’m not David. If you search under the correct name, you’ll find lots of other things I’ve done.


    • Sorry, this was a post through from Goodreads. I have corrected on both sites, including the name change. The fault was with having to manually add the book into both sites (as they couldnt find it in their catalogues) and I got one wrong, sorry


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