Mini Bloggiesta July 2014 – to do list


As usual I’ve come late to a party, and am horribly unorganised!

However, all is not lost – this weekend is the summer mini Bloggiesta covering July 19th and 20th .

First thing apparently Is to do a To Do List of what you want to achieve over the weekend! Because this is not the main Bloggiesta, and is only over 2 days, this list can be short.

Therefore here is my list:

  • clear up draft posts – get rid of any redundant/unnecessary posts
  • clear up media items – remove duplicates, ensure titles are correct etc.
  • write any remaining reviews/general posts
  • search for more prompts for possible future posts including reviewing what Google Alerts I have there.
  • Review my Google+ set up and see if I can make it work better for me

6 thoughts on “Mini Bloggiesta July 2014 – to do list

    • I have alerts for things like “book blog” and “Richard and Judy” but to be honest, I am rarely reading them any more and they just get deleted out of my inbox. ,


      • I’ve deleted the whole lot of them, and *might* try again in the future when I work out what might work.

        I did go through a phase of clicking the “not relevant” button on pages I didnt like/want but gave up in the end


  1. Good luck with your list!

    I’m curious about your Google Alerts. I had a few different ones set up, but they just don’t seem to be working and haven’t for a while. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong!


    • I’ve stopped reading my google alerts as I rarely if ever found anything interesting or useful. Yesterday was the day I gave myself permission to delete them, and stop clogging up my inbox until I delete them!


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