Sunday Salon: Influenced by Book Covers


Do covers pull you in?

I would be lying if I said I was not influenced by the cover art, as it’s a nice shorthand to lead me to what the book might be about.  At least I need the Author and Book Title in an easy to find place – either on the front or on the spine.  If it’s a historical novel, I want an image that implies the time frame it’s written in (see Philippa Gregory cover titles for instance)

However, it’s not the only thing that will make me but a book – I have written previously on What it takes for me to choose a book and the book cover is way down the list.

I will be put off certain books by their cover art – I’ve heard that Patricia Scanlon, Celia Ahern et al have written some fabulous books over the years, unfortunately, their cover art – often pink with cupcakes and knitting on the front – has dissuaded me from even picking them up to read the blurb on the back. I have a preconceived idea – probably wrong – that these are saccharine layered books, targeted to those Ladies who Lunch who dont need to read something too taxing

I put the same question to you, dear reader – Do covers pull you in or put you off?


6 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Influenced by Book Covers

  1. I am definitely affected by the book’s cover…and as a writer, this aspect of the publication process is vital to me, too. One thing I am adamant about: no cartoonish covers. Faces must be turned away or not visible (this is a more recent rule of mine); and the cover needs to match the story in some way.


  2. Cozy mysteries are my favorites and they have wonderful covers. They definitely grab your eye and some would make great pictures to hang on walls.

    Have a great week!!


    • I think some book covers have previously been done by professional artists (as in those who would have their own shows in galleries), so not impossible for the covers to be that good


  3. I can’t see me ever picking up a book with cupcakes on the cover. I did get put off reading Lisa See’s Shanghai Girls because the cover looked a bit twee. luckily someone gave me a copy so I was pushed into putting my prejudice aside and did enjoy it


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