Mini #Bloggiesta July 2014 round up

bloggiestaIt was only a brief foray in Bloggiesta, and a very short “to do list” but this is what I achieved:

  • I decided that none of my google alerts were useful in the way they are, so deleted the lot! They were hitting my email inbox and were being deleted without being read – what’s the point of that? Dont know if I’ll do any more, it seems I’m not the only one who cant get them to work for them.
  • I went through the pictures (“media”) in my wordpress storage area, deleted duplicates, deleted a duplicate post, and renamed some of the badly named ones. There are still some that are unattached to posts but am expecting to write the posts at some point
  • Deleted a load of draft post stubs, as they were littering up my space and it was getting unmanageable to find the posts I needed to write
  • I finished off one post that was nearly ready and made it ready for schedule later
  • I went through some of my Google+ communities and decided to leave a few. I’ve never posted to them, and in looking at some of the posts from other contributors….let’s just say they’re not the type of people I need to hang around. Let’s face it – I’m a blogging snob, I would just spend all my time getting angry rather than feel supported.
  • In the UK, several publishers are doing a twitter conversation called #bookadayuk. I occasionally take part on twitter but the following month’s daily topics are posted up around now. I’ve taken those prompts and have stored them away – they just *might* prompt me to write some of post in some shape or form.

I didnt take part in any of the mini challenges for this time, but there are plenty of suggestions over at the site, so I have to remember to check them out!


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