Sunday Salon: Themed reading



I dont normally read to a theme, but  over the Christmas period last year, I read a number of Christmas themed romances. I had already met my 100 books challenge for the year and knew that I wasnt in a position to read any books where I needed to concentrate for more than a day.

This year, I had no specific plans to read anything themed, but ended up reading several more romances in the run up to Valentines Day – what can I say? I was stuck in a rut with my reading and needed to get my mojo back on track, and I find these unchallenging books are great as fillers.

I’ve subsequently reorganised my bookshelves, and have put them into some logical order – books by the same author, books on a theme (e.g. Far East) together. I may well do some themed reading in the future, now that I have a better idea what is on my bookshelves.  I have also been reading some other Christmas themed stories – not all romances – and these will be scheduled around the holidays. I have also read a few ghost stories, which are also scheduled in October

Do you like to read books with a theme such as Halloween, Christmas, etc? 



11 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Themed reading

  1. I don’t read in any kind of thematic sequence nor do I have my books organised anywhere as systematically as you’ve done. Mine are vaguely grouped according to my interest – so the Booker titles are together, the world lit ones on a different shelf and the classics on another shelf again. But they do have a habit of getting muddled


    • oddly, after “organising” the books, they seemed to take up more room on the bookshelves, rather than less! I think previously I had them stacked more efficiently into size and how they stacked onto the shelves. Could never find anything mind!


    • I’ve just read a spooky winter ghost story (frost hollow hall) in July! As it worked out – the next review slot was in October – and if it wasnt, I would have made it available!

      Good book actually if you can pick it up somewhere (it was published oct 2013)


  2. I like Christmas-themed books around the holidays. I’m a big fraidy-cat, but I will read books about ghosts and other spooky themes in October if they’re light-weight and funny.

    My themed reading is usually more about places. I read tons of books about or set in France last year before and after our trip. Right now, I’m reading books about England in advance of our fall trip.

    I read 70 books to help my healthy lifestyle while losing 70 pounds.

    So, yeah, themes work for me!


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