Book Review: Caroline and the Duke by Sabrina Darby


A Widow Determined to be Merry

At the urging of her best friend, Caroline, Lady Ballister, seeks a lover with no emotional attachments. After all, experience has taught her that love is a fickle, pointless thing.

A Duke Determined to Marry

Sutbridge has wanted Caroline for ten years and, now that she is once again free, is determined to make her his wife. But will he settle for her body, or wage a war for the most important treasure of all: her heart?

This may be a Regency romance, but Caroline is certainly not what we think of as a Regency woman. She has performed her duty – produced an Heir and Spare for her now dead husband, but is a widow before she is 30. She has sworn off marriage – she is not prepared to relinquish her freedom and rights to yet another man, but knows she still has needs and wants to enjoy herself with no strings attached

Sutbridge is the brother of her best friend, and the two of them have been attracted to each other since before her marriage 10 years previously. He wants a legitimate heir, she doesnt want to be married – again. Where will this attraction take them?

This is a very short story – not sure it would even class as a novella. Lots get packed into what’s there, secondary characters dont even appear – it’s just Caroline, Sutbridge and Julia (sister to one, friend to the other), as the important three. The dead husband is barely referred to, and Caroline/Sutbridge are prepared to risk reputations in public in order to converse.

This has the possibility to be a novella, and maybe even a full length novel, but is satisfactory as it is.



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