Back to School book blogger challenge – inspiring children


Parajunkee is having a “Back to School Book Blogger Challenge“, and has some prompts between now and August 28th for people to join in!

Challenge #4:

If you are a parent, or have advice for parents….What would you do (or think would work) to foster a love of reading in your kids?

I dont have children of my own, but understand that children copy from those around them so I suggest the following:

  • read age appropriate stories to children from an early age
  • buy books for each child and keep the books within easy access
  • let children see adults reading (it doesnt matter what) – if they see it’s something the big people do too
  • listen to a child read back to you, be it from one of their own books, or something they’ve written themselves
  • let them read books in different formats – picture books, plain narratives, comics (whatever works best for them)

Anything else I’ve missed off?


11 thoughts on “Back to School book blogger challenge – inspiring children

    • haha – I brought my older nephew The Beano and The Dandy annuals last year, and he adores them (so much so that SIL had to go and get 2013, 2012 and 2011 of both to please him!)


    • It’s lovely when my eldest niece sees me for the first time in ages, and one of the first things she does is read me one of her stories


  1. With dyslexia, autism etc, not all children can and will read the same things the same way and you need to let them know that reading can and should be fun, even if it’s simply reading the back of the cereal packet!


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