Back to School book blogging challenge – Organisation


Parajunkee is having a “Back to School Book Blogger Challenge” for people to join in!

Challenge #6:

Back to School means time to get organised and start fresh. What are some steps you’ll take on your blog to keep things flowing smoothly or change things up?

  • I’m going to continue with my current posting schedule until the end of the year and will then (I think) change the frequency.  I have Sunday Salon posts scheduled every Sunday for the first 3 months of 2015, so will decide which days I will schedule other posts during the rest of the week.
  • I keep wondering whether to move my blog over to a self hosted – I might decide to do that next year, or at least pay for an upgrade to remove adverts
  • I’m going to make use of a scheduling spreadsheet, so keep an eye on what’s scheduled and when
  • I’m going to investigate a similar method for monitoring the galleys  that I have to read and when they need to be reviewed by (and who I got them from!)



2 thoughts on “Back to School book blogging challenge – Organisation

  1. i can’t take on another challenge – too many i am behind with already. but I have been doing a clean up ready for school 🙂 I sorted out some of the categories on my blog today.. not quite finished but it’s better than the mess I started with


    • I’ve got posts scheduled several months in advance (It wont last, honest! once this backlog is cleared, then they’ll go out only as fast as I write them) so I have the luxury at the moment of doing these challenges – partly to keep my hand in with the writing, and partly to stop my blog getting stale with review after review


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