Classics Club August 2014 Meme


What are your thoughts on adaptions of classics? Say mini-series or movies? Or maybe modern approaches? Are there any good ones? Is it better to read the book first? Or maybe just compare the book and an adaptation?

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I like watching the repeats of the old BBC adaptations from the 1970s of classic books (such as Barchester Towers, The Onedin Line etc. Whilst the BBC were good at doing shows like this, their lack of budget was clear to see, when compared against the shows produced even in the 1990s – set pieces shot in the studio, with few outside locations (Onedin Line being one of the few with ships being involved).

ITV started coming out of this with Jeremy Brett playing Sherlock Holmes. Great actor, location filming, slightly let down by some dubious facial hair on some of the men.

The 1990s brought a change in the game with shows such as Pride and Prejudice, Middlemarch and (for ITV) the Poirot adaptations. More money was available, with the chance of outside shots, shooting on location, a change in the types of actors (not all of them famous). Could or would we have had Colin Firth diving into a lake and walking about in see-through tops in the 1970s?!

For the longer books, I prefer mini-series to films. I’ve watched more versions of Jane Eyre than I care to admit, and few give it the effort that it deserves. My favourite version is the BBC version with Toby Stephens, though I know many that dont like this version



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