Book Review: Paris Rose by Dawn Douglas

parisroseWhen Lucy Rawlinson moves into the fixer-upper next door to her ex-husband, Nick, she has more than renovations on her mind. Desperate to win back his love, she begins a campaign to reignite the passion they once shared.

Nick is haunted by the same bitter-sweet memories of their marriage and the baby they lost, but he is determined to never forgive his ex-wife’s infidelity. All Nick wants to do is move on and forget, a task that now seems beyond impossible with Lucy and her noisy little dog living right next door.

Is there a way back? Can Lucy convince Nick that everything they once had is worth fighting for?

A short story, where Lucy buys a “fixerupper” house, that’s next door to that of her ex-husband, partly because she’s at a loose end and in order to get back with him. Everyone welcomes her warmly – apart from Nick, who still smarts from the loss of their baby and the subsequent apparent infidelity of Lucy.  There are a couple of scenes that convinces Lucy that she hasnt moved on as much as she thought and that perhaps this wasn’t such a great idea. She finally decides to let it go, and moves away, only to bring Nick to his senses.

I assumed that the story was set in the UK, so some things were a little confusing (such as someone saying that “Paris isnt far away”, but then it takes 2 days of travel to get there) but they were minor.

There’s not much more to say about this story – it takes a couple of hours to read, and is a nice break between other stories but is not a deep story to overthink.



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