Bloggiesta sign ups and to do list


As usual I havent been prepared, so ALMOST missed the September Bloggiesta – until I got the invites for this weekend pop up.

Anyway signups start this week for this weekend’s 4 day event and you can register over at the site here

One of the things is to have a “To Do list” of things you want to achieve, and here’s my starting list, which I will expand when I think about things a little more:

  • I have posts scheduled into next year – now need to ensure I’ve tracked them correctly! (I have a spreadsheet for both this year and next)
  • Play around with my headers/menus to see if my book blog can morph to include posts from another blog
  • I’ve done some research for blog planning, but haven’t really paid much attention to it – now’s the time to do so!
  • Start thinking of my New Year’s Resolutions with regards to the blog
  • Review my Goodreads and Librarything accounts, see that they are up to date and link back to my blog
  • Take part in the twitter events and mini challenges that I can make use of! (being in a different time zone makes some things impossible for instance)
  • Make use of twitter better – I’ve set up lists previously, now I need to read them!
  • Start looking at blog prompts going into next year – I’ve triaged the big list, got rid of the duplicates etc, now to look at themes etc. (tied in with New Year Resolutions – should I host the occasional prompt party?)

24 thoughts on “Bloggiesta sign ups and to do list

  1. You are already thinking about next years posts? Now that really is way too organised for me since I can’t even plan next months. Interesting that you have Goodreads and Librarything accounts. I do too though only because I can’t make up my mind which I prefer. Do you use them exactly the same way or do you post one kind of review on Goodeads and a different kind on LibraryThing?


  2. This will probably never happen again but I had a backlog of reviews to post, which took me to mid October. Then I add to the back end for each new book I read, which has me to the end of November. I also have Sunday Salon posts, which I previously did as blog prompts, written up and scheduled into next year.

    I post the same reviews to GR and LT….the former has an easy way to track how any books you read (you get a picture at the end and all!), the latter has an ARC giveaway that I always seem to get a book out of


    • I’m lucky in that I’m collating years worth of reviews from various other sites, so have a backlog. It gives me the breathing space to write reviews as and when I’m ready and schedule them to come in at the back end.

      Good luck with any challenges you have too!


    • never too early – gives you time to write them down, change your mind then do something else! Only you need to know what was on the list originally!


    • do you have a search set up on #bloggiesta? I know it’s fast, but if you follow a search, then you wont get distracted by the rest of your stream


      • Oh i meant in general with blogging! I use hootsuite a lot of the time so it is nice an organised but the refresh rate is still insane! Hope you got a lot done 😀


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