Sunday Salon: Organising books


Do you like to keep your books organized?

I used to keep my books organised in size order – it kept my shelves tidy and allowed me to stack more books into what was a relatively small space. However I recently went through my bookshelf and moved things around a bit. It allowed me to do several things:

  • find that I had duplicates of books, which allowed me to put one of each into the bookcrossing system
  • found books that I knew I wasnt going to read, so again, into the bookcrossing system
  • group books into a particular theme, e.g by a particular author (where I had more than one book by the same person), or from a particular area e.g. India or the Far East.

allowed me to get a better grasp of what books I have (I found 80 odd books my tracking software didnt know I had!)

Despite removing a number of books from the shelves, the way they are now stacked takes up more room than they did before!  So how I had them stacked before must have been more efficient. Ah well at least I can see my books differently now!

I know people who organise by colour, alphabetically, dewey decimal etc. Whilst the colour one to me looks the most aesthetically pleasing, quite honestly…..I havent the time or energy!

So how do you organise your books? Size, color, alphabetically?


8 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Organising books

  1. I tried organising mine into the areas I am interested in so all the Booker prize titles were put together. Then the books from my classics club went on a different shelf and my world literature books had their own section. That still left plenty of miscellaneous books which ended up wherever I could find a space. That system seems to have worked so far though I still do t have enough shelf space.


  2. I organize my books in a way that works for me. I have three shelves of books I want to keep. I have a stack behind a chair of books I’m giving away in my Little Library. And I have a stack under my bed of books I am eager to read. Every few months, I reevaluate books and move them around and always, always give away books that have been on my to-read stacks for longer than a year or two.

    Here’s my Sunday Salon.


  3. I do a bit of a combination. Having shelves of different heights allows me to fit more books in, so to an extent they’re organised by height, but also by genre (I have general fiction, poetry/plays, literary non-fiction, children’s, reference and comics/graphic novels) and then alphabetically within general fiction and graphic novels (the other sections are small enough to get away with being more randomly shelved). Oh and my TBR and my boyfriend’s TBR are separate from all that. It’s a bit complicated as there’s a few smaller hidden shelves where we had to choose carefully what to put there and I keep questioning the decision. But then again I love reorganising my books so I don’t mind not being 100% satisfied with the current system!


  4. I organize alphabetically by author’s last name according to genre. I am sure it is not the most efficient way of doing things, but I can easily find what I want 🙂


  5. I recently started organizing mine by color, on floating bookshelves hanging on my walls, and I just love it! Although since not all of them fit, there tend to be piles at random…everywhere.


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