Book Review: Green Arrow, Vol. 4: The Kill Machine by Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino

Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino begin their ground-breaking saga in the fourth volume of Green Arrow A mysterious villian called Komodo knows Oliver’s secrets and uses them to rob Oliver of all his wealth and his company. Now on the run from this seemingly unstoppable force, Oliver finds himself in a mystery involving the island where he first became Green Arrow and his father! Everything will change for the Emerald Archer in this new beginning for the character.
Collects Green Arrow issues 17 to 24

Picked up in my local comic book store in a desire to expand out my Superhero reading range, and to recover some nerd credibility in that I havent seen the tv show.

This was recommended to me as a decent start to the series, and having read no others, I think it is.  It starts with Oliver having his world destroyed by a mysterious figure called Komodo, who ruins his father’s business and kills Oliver’s closest friends. Oliver then has to go on the run, with few supporters and little money, having to go back to the basics.

Along the way, and with the “help” of a blind character called Magus, he finds out some long held family secrets, and that perhaps he’s not as much on his own as he feared. He also has a new challenge – find out about the Three Dragons he keeps dreaming about.

The visuals are great (both Lemire and Sorrentino are new to me), with plenty of coloured and uncoloured pages. The dialogue is a little clunky, with some pages heavy with text, but it depends on whether you like that kind of thing or not.

On the whole,  a pretty good introduction to a new character.





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