Autumn Bloggiesta 2014 update

As part of Bloggiesta, I tried something out and decided that it could work, so the challenge was added to the “To Do” list. In other words – learn how to make use of menus.

Therefore what I am going to start doing in the new year is changing my blog from just books, to books and crafty stuff – the sewing, photography etc. I’ve been ignoring my other blog in favour of this one and therefore it’s time to bring the other one back. I’ve realised that I have enough posts to do a sewing/craft equivalent of the bookish “Sunday Salon” where I choose a specific day of the week to write about craft stuff. I just have to format and schedule the posts as necessary now and work things out on my post diary.  I’ll work out how the other posts are to fit in as and when they come up.

As for the other items on my list updates are in bold:

  • I have posts scheduled into next year – now need to ensure I’ve tracked them correctly! (I have a spreadsheet for both this year and next).  Done. 2015 is firming up, especially with the new posts (as mentioned above)
  • Play around with my headers/menus to see if my book blog can morph to include posts from another blog. Yes it can it seems!
  • I’ve done some research for blog planning, but haven’t really paid much attention to it – now’s the time to do so!  Things are now tidied up and in folders etc (not lying in rough, random piles. Diaries are up to date, and have thoughts, but need to see how they will work with new ideas
  • Start thinking of my New Year’s Resolutions with regards to the blog Made one decision already, and need to work on firming up the others
  • Review my Goodreads and Librarything accounts, see that they are up to date and link back to my blog Up to date – even spent some time looking at the Goodreads first reads (first time in years!)
  • Take part in the twitter events and mini challenges that I can make use of! (being in a different time zone makes some things impossible for instance). Took part in Friday Night’s twitter, Saturday’s was too late for my time line….
  • Make use of twitter better – I’ve set up lists previously, now I need to read them!
  • Start looking at blog prompts going into next year – I’ve triaged the big list, got rid of the duplicates etc, now to look at themes etc. (tied in with New Year Resolutions – should I host the occasional prompt party?). Tidied up into nice little themes. Now have to consider what I’m going to do with them

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