Sunday Salon: Genre most represented?


When you look at your bookshelf/device, what genre is most represented?

 I choose books I think I might like to read, not because they’re in a particular genre, so when I look at my bookshelf I find quite a number of genres are represented.

Classics. Charles Dickens, Herman Melville, Wilkie Collins etc. Those books you know you’d should read but haven’t got to yet. These are on the shelves, and only a few are on the ebook.

Historical Fiction (Susannah Gregory, Ken Follett etc).

Romance Novels (historical or otherwise) cover the majority of what’s held on my ipad – but not everything. Many I get for free from Amazon, but I also get a number from the authors and publishers in exchange for a review.

Mystery and Thrillers most of these are on the shelves, but some are audiobooks.

Persephone Greys. Some would call this “feminist” or “women’s fiction”. What it is is a lovely presented set of books which feature women writers, usually from between 1900 – 1945, but sometimes a little later. Main thing is that these books (if not the writers themselves) have often been forgotten, butneed to be brought back into mainstream reading

Terry Pratchett. I’m not sure what genre Terry falls into now. Fantasy? Satire? Whatever it is I have a whole shelf of his books, both Discworld and non-Discworld related.

Cookbooks A whole collection of these, too many really to count. In fact I have no more room in the kitchen shelves for them. It’s a whole range of books, from the classic Good Housekeeping from the 1970s, through other reference books (such as a Ballymaloe reference book), through Baking, Indian foods etc.

Craft Books. Usually sewing books – cross stitch and hand embroidery in particular, with some other, random books in there two (I think there’s one on papermaking). It’s been a long time since I read through these, and they have been put on the high shelves.

Graphic Novels Majority of these are currently the Marvel books covering much of the stable, but there are other books covering the DC and Vertigo stables, so this includes WonderWoman, Batman, The Endless etc

 So which genre(s) are represented on your bookshelves?



3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Genre most represented?

  1. My categories for fiction (I don’t feel I can really call them genres) reflect my interests and current reading projects. So I have a large collection of classics, many of which are nineteenth century like Wilkie Collins. George Eliot, Trollope. Then I have the Booker prize winners – not all of them but most plus some of the long listed. And finally, my growing collection of books in translation. Right now this includes books from China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Uganda, France….

    Then like you I have a stack of craft books – mainly on making jewellery and felted handbags – and a toppling over cupboard of cookery books. You;d think from that pile that I was in the kitchen every day whipping up something special. If only….


    • Ha! Same with my cook books, which have spilled off the shelves and have spread onto the countertops, after “helping” my mother declutter….:)


  2. Thrillers and murder mysteries, classics , contemporary literary fiction and non-fiction (mainly history). Cookbooks are wasted on me 😀 Plus my mom and grandmoms take immense pride in family/traditional recipes so they won’t have any of that !


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