Book Review: The BreakUp Artist by Nichole Severn

breakupartistDemi Shepherd breaks hearts for a living—and she learned long ago that love just isn’t worth the pain. But when one of her clients ends up dead, Demi is going to have to put her heart on the line to save her own life.

A professional breakup artist, Demi is hired to end other people’s romances. When one of her clients is murdered—with Demi’s fingerprints on the murder weapon—her only hope for clearing her name and finding out who framed her is Jack Austin, a world-weary hunk who’d just as soon let her rot in jail.

Jack is a hard-bitten undercover agent, driven to expose and bring down a money-laundering organization, and he’s not willing to risk his life or career for Demi. Until Demi proves she’s innocent of the crime—but far from innocent in the bedroom.

With cops and killers on their trail and a smoldering romance ready to ignite, Jack and Demi have to fight together to save their lives, as well as their damaged hearts


Received from Netgalley.

This is a novella, so the story is short, with little backstory and filler.  It’s is fast paced, with guns, murder, blackmail, sexy strangers, and Demi being framed by corrupt cops for the murder of one of their own.  Her only hope is the sexy and very untrustworthy Jack who turns up in the most unexpected places, and has her soon wondering what it would be like to have him undressed and in her bed! (yes, she and we get to find out!).

As I pointed out it’s a novella, so if you’re looking for exposition and purpose, it’s not going to be the book for you.

However, if you want a fast read (say on the commute home), with a fast romance, then this is the book for you!



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