Sunday Salon: Bookcases and finishing TBRs

TSSbadge1How many bookcases do you have, and are they all in one room or different rooms? Do you think you will ever read every book in your TBR stack? How many bookcases do you have, and how do you organize the shelves?

My bookshelves are all in one room, however….

I have two sets of bookshelves on either side of my fireplace.   To the right are three longish shelves that contain my “permanent collection” books – the ones that I’m am not willing to get rid of. These are my hardbacks, the Persephone greys, the signed editions etc. These shelves are single deep, but are slowly filling up with overflow (usually hardbacks) from the other shelves

To the left are three shorter shelves, double deep and packed to the gills. These are the books, usually paperbacks, that I plan to get let go sooner or later, usually once read.  Occasionally I do a cull here and give people the book before I’ve read it. Down on the bottom shelf are the hardback graphic novels, another set of books that I dont plan to give away.

As I spent 2013 reading primarily ebooks, I’ve not kept a check on my paper books, and therefore have not added any into general circulation with my friends. Unfortunately I’ve not done a corresponding stop on adding to this pile, so it’s spilled out onto the coffee table as another bookcase!  2014 I tried to read more paperbooks  – I still haven’t cleared down as many as I need, but I’m getting there!

2015 is the year I plan to have a better balance between paper and ebooks to stop myself getting into this situation again! At the very least I will have my paperbacks back onto the right side of the fireplace!  A few months ago I did a “tidy” round that meant books were put in themes – dont know if that made things better or worse!

So tell me about your bookshelves….


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