Book Review: The Torch by Mike Carey, Alex Ross, Patrick Berkenkoter

thetorchThe Torch is dead – buried with full military honors. But what does death mean for an artificial man? The Mad Thinker is determined to find out, with the reluctant help of the Torch’s best and oldest friend – Tom ‘Toro’ Raymond.

Picked up in my local comic book store as a retelling of one of the original superheroes. Jimmy Storm from the Fantastic Four (the Human Torch that people are more familiar with) named himself after this character who is an android with the ability to set himself on fire. He’s been resurrected by The Mad Thinker, who is trying to dominate the world – naturally – and his best friend Tom has been resurrected along side him.

Both have to confront the modern world, whilst confronting The Torch’s demise (The Mad Thinker is destroying his cell structure) and deal with the grand children of the original Nazis who have set up a New Berlin in South America stocked with androids.

It’s not the most deep or complex of stories – the Mad Thinker and his associates seem to be able to double cross each other with regularity and ease, and the Torch’s struggles with human thinking and emotion makes him like Data/Spock but much less engaging.

The graphics are good, Toro looks remarkably like Clark Kent, and situations have to be resolved by using brains as well as brawn.  The contacts with the Resistance seem to accept remaining in New Berlin rather easily but…..mid level story for a lazy afternoon read


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