Sunday Salon: What I wish I’d known when I started blogging



I started blogging over here in 2007 and whilst it doesnt have the same publishing rates or followers as my book related site, which I started in earnest in 2012. I thought I’d put down my thoughts on what I wish I’d known when I started blogging

  • That inspiration can and will be finite – that post wont come, fully formed, and ready to go in plenty of time
  • That just because you build it, doesnt mean they will come. Not without a LOT of prompting and active marketing over social media.
  • You don’t live in a vacuum especially if you want to succeed.
  • That Stats aren’t everything
  • That other bloggers can be fibbing (just a little) about their stats (moi? jealous? :))
  • That if you’re not that into what you’re blogging about, your readers are going to know and the posts are going to get harder to write
  • Only the few manage to quit their day job purely because of the revenue their blog pulls in – don’t expect to be one of them
  • Be prepared to change
  • Be prepared to take advice, or at least see what others are doing and go “there’s a good idea, I’ll try that one…..”
  • I found this post over on Book Bloggers International, about getting burnout on blogging – which includes some things NOT to do when you feel like giving up. (Spoiler Alert: Yes, you can give yourself permission to walk away…..)

So for the bloggers out there, no matter how long or short you’ve been blogging – let us know what you wished you’d known when you started – do you have anything to add?




12 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: What I wish I’d known when I started blogging

  1. Nope.

    I think you have it covered. 🙂

    I have to remind myself constantly about the stats as I’ve seen my numbers decrease significantly over the years, but I’ve learned to be happy with the small following that I have.


    • It’s taken some work, but this year is going to be about double last years….dont know what I’m going to do next year in terms of pushing the social media stuff, but I might up my game in terms of content (again!)


    • Bryan I know with blogging sometimes the stats become too important, but I think when it comes to blogging for the pleasure of it, or in my case, I love reading so I’m blogging because of my love of reading…it’s ok to have less followers if those followers are more quality e.g. they actually read your posts and leave meaningful comments. I would prefer quantity over quality, especially for a blog that is not purely business orientated.


      • I’m not looking to have an income from my blog (I get paid in books!) so stats aren’t totally important – but I had a sense that something has been off the last few months. I was getting good traffic, but not better traffic…..turns out that wordpress has gone from http to https and google had lost visibility of me.

        That’s been changed, and traffic is now better……


  2. My page view numbers have plateaued despite gaining a follower or two every week, and that’s OK with me. I write what I want to and I enjoy it when folks “like” or comment, but in reality my blog is just a hobby and an outlet to keep my brain working. That doesn’t mean I don’t take advice about how to make my blog better or steal….errr, borrow…ideas, but as long as I’m having fun I figure (hope?) others will get some entertainment from it too.


  3. You definitely covered everything, I think! I’ve been blogging off and on in various places and formats, and on different topics, since 2000 when I started on Xanga. I totally agree that you have to be into what you’re blogging about! 🙂 Why blog if it’s drudgery, you know?


  4. This is a lovely collection of little truths. It seems like there are 2 extremes with blogging: (1) folks who started out seeing heaps of dollar signs on the horizon, throwing all effort behind SEO and social media and clickbait, and (2) folks who just started writing about something they felt like writing about, hoping vaguely that maybe letting their words go out into the ether could help someone or start a conversation or make some kind of connection. Generally the quality of the content shows which side of that spectrum a blogger leans to, regardless of site stats or followers.


  5. What I wish I had known? That, in the end, it wasn’t about who reads it ( although that is great when people reply) but more about self expression for myself.


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