Christmas themed stories

Since it’s nearly Christmas, I thought I’d pull together some Christmas themed reviews from times-gone-past for you to peruse. I make no bones that most of these are romance novels, but in the lead up to Christmas, who wants to be thinking too hard, or has the time to spend on a heavier book?

a #christmas carol #dickens

Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens rather set the standard for what is classed as Christmas in the 20th and 21 Century.

the adventure of the #christmas pudding #Christie

The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding by Agatha Christie. A set of short stories, a mix of Poirot and Marple

Christmas Honeymoon

The Christmas Honeymoon by Alicia Street. Someone trying to reclaim Christmas as her own after major letdown


Lonely This Christmas by Krissie Labaye  about an older someone starting again at Christmas


A Grovesnor Street Christmas (by Multiple authors). A set of romances centred around the Christmas parties thrown at a certain London house.


A Highlander For Christmas by Jamie Carie An Englishwoman staying with her Scottish Relatives to escape some scandal meets a local laird……

You’ll see some other reviews from me recently, and some are still to come

So any other suggestions for over the Christmas Break? Any books you must read or avoid?


5 thoughts on “Christmas themed stories

  1. You missed the one that is almost required reading here in Wales it’s by our most famous son, Dylan Thimas and is called A Child’s Christmas in Wales. Not fiction really but exquisite,y written


    • I’ve never read any Dylan Thomas -gasp !- beyond the prescribed reading of the war poems in school. Just never someone who is on the radar to consider even this year. Perhaps the topic for a post or three for you? Welsh authors wot wrong more that poems and lived beyond 17?


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