Book Review: An Avalon Christmas by Darien Gee

An Avalon #Christmas For fans of Friendship Bread and The Avalon Ladies Scrapbooking Society comes a delightful collection of stories that will put a smile on your face this holiday season.

The holidays have finally arrived in Avalon, Illinois and everyone is filled with festive cheer. Well, maybe not everyone …

The husbands of Avalon have started a Bah Humbug Club. A neighborhood cookie exchange wreaks havoc on Erin Meeks’ carefully planned life. Melvin O’Malley’s daughter has abandoned him for the holidays in a senior facility, and shop owner Margot West is intent on creating the best holiday shopping experience for her customers when a stranger threatens to ruin it.

But a few surprises await them as well–an anonymous donor is giving away free turkeys at the Pick and Save, and there’s an air of mystery surrounding a generous raffle prize for the upcoming Christmas Bazaar. And when it looks like Santa might be a no show, someone unexpected steps into his boots.

Celebrate the season with 12 heartwarming stories of hope and cheer that continue the spirit of Gee’s first two novels, Friendship Bread and The Avalon Ladies Scrapbooking Society. Includes recipes

This is a book of 12 short stories, all centred around the town of Avalon. Most of the people have been living in the town for years, and not everyone is looking forward to the Christmas holidays. Some are feeling lonely as they have lost their loved ones, some are losing their business or their homes, whilst others try to see the best in the holidays.

The stories have a loose link with each other and the reader ends up back where they started with the Senior Centre and the inhabitants there in.

The stories are not too “twee” – there is a positive feeling at the end of each story, even if the overall situations are not the most positive.

There are recipes at the end of the book, including a sough dough starter for sharing with others, and for which I will keep this ebook for reference later!

These are not the most in-depth set of stories: there is enough character development of the relevant people in each story, but these are short stories so that is appropriate – you get a decent enough indication of the people involved and what happens why.   This is a nice light read for a busy time of year


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