Sunday Salon: Thoughts on Hyped up Books

The Sunday Salon


I don’t think I’ve ever read a modern book purely because of the hype. I’ve avoided some almost exclusively because of the hype (Twilight, 50 shades etc) only to hear people talking about it in hindsight and saying that once they’ve got passed the hype and hysteria, the writing is average at best – let’s face it, we’re a bit snobby about out books!

However, I have brought books like Wolf Hall, which has had a certain level of hype after winning so many awards. However, I have yet to read any book in the series – I’ not in a rush to read it, but  I brought it because I have read quite a few books in the same vein and would like to see if it stands up to the awards.

I know people who rave about the classic Wuthering Heights. Me? I dont see what all the fuss is about. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have read it – even more times starting and failing to complete – and still think it is a much overrated book, and certainly doesn’t stand up to all the hype (or is it reverence?) that the book still garners today.

What are your thoughts/reactions to a hyped-up book?


9 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Thoughts on Hyped up Books

  1. I sometimes get to a hyped up book the following year or within a few years and sometimes it does live up to the hype: The Fault In Our Stars, for example. Other times I have given in and found something I enjoyed. Most of the time I’ll be honest I understand the reason for the hype even if I don’t like the book.


    • Oh yeah, I have, for instance, Wolf Hall…..somewhere! But 50 Shades or Twilight? No thanks. Not only overhyped, but have since turned out to be badly written…


  2. I’m allergic to hype. Whether it’s movies or TV or books, I find the more people rave about something, the less likely it is I’ll agree. Not just everyone’s favorite low-hanging fruit, like Twilight or 50 Shades—Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, Song of Ice and Fire series, the Millenium series, etc. Generally I keep my opinion to myself, though, because people take even just a simple matter of disagreement on taste as a personal affront.


    • I wouldnt read them, but then wouldnt necessarily trash-talk them either. I have a reason beyond hype for not reading Twilight series – why write about Vampires if you’re not going to have rampant sex outside marriage? I dont see the point! (I understand that the writer is a strong Christian and doesnt like pre-marital sex, which does beg the question of why she was writing about vampires, but that is more than enough time spent thinking about her)


  3. I tend to ignore hype and sometimes feel like the last person in America to see or read some things that I probably really do want to participate in — even if it’s just to stay culturally relevant. Like Bryan’s suggestion above. I really do want to read The Fault in Our Stars, but haven’t managed it yet.


    • I think a lot of people feel themselves as the “last person to hear about x” (I have google alerts to try and rectify that and I still miss out). I’m often too busy doing other stuff


  4. i don’t buy a book just because it’s got a lot of attention. Often the subject of the much hyped book just doesn’t interest me – like Hunger Games, 50 Shades etc. The last book I bought that was in the hyped up vein was Gone Girl and it is still sitting on the bookshelf two years later.


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