State of the Union (new year blogger resolutions 2014)

At the beginning of the year, I took part in Parajunkee’s blogger challenge, and set myself some challenges. Now it is the end of the year it’s time I reviewed where I got to. Below are my blogging resolutions, and where I feel I got with them.

  • Double  subscribers to this blog
    • I had doubled my subscribers from 150 to 300 by July 2014. I am currently at 391 wordpress subscribers
  • Double annual page hits to this blog
    • I had matched 2013 page hits by July 2014. By the 27th December I had achieved 6456 hits, just shy of the double
  • Double twitter followers to @brumnordie
    • I went from 159 to 309.   As part of this I have: increased the number of people I follow; created lists so I can manage people more efficiently; tried to remember to interact with people; used scheduling software to schedule tweets for when I cant do so
  • Streamline the blogs I follow, removing duplicates, adding more
    • as part of bloggiesta, I refined my subscriptions and removed ones I wasnt reading. I added more throughout the year, and worked on commenting
  • Read 75 books, review. 50% to be paperbooks (I’ve read 102 books in 2013, but this target allows me to read some of the larger books I have in my collection)
    • I’ve read 100 number of books, 32% being paperbooks or audiobooks. Not as much as I’d hoped, planed or expected, but still – more than last year!
  • Take part in 3 memes a month
    • I took part in more memes than before, started contributing to The Sunday Salon Facebook page and plan to carry that into 2015. I wasnt aware of 3 memes a month to take part in! I did follow a number of blogs and twitter streams that had regular prompts and even if I didnt post according to their schedule, I made note of their prompts to make use of their questions in future posts
  • Comment on 10 blogs a month
    • Not 10 a month, but I did get better at commenting on other blogs
  • Listen to one audiobook a month (I have such a backlog!)
    • not quite 1 a month, but I got better
  • Include links to purchase, twitter or website, where known
    • I’ve included details of where I’ve got the book; Chris Dolley from BVC now gives a fabulous amount of detail when you win a book from them (including where to buy the book!); my tweets copy in the author and/or publishers where known so they can tweet away at an reviews they like! And many do!
  • Post every other day
    • this was met and has been more successful than I thought it would be. Having a load of reviews that could be (re)used certainly helped, as it gave me a buffer to write posts as and when I wanted, rather to a timetable
  • Learn more about my social media stats and how I can utilise them more
    • I’ve realised that wordpress and google analytics dont work together very well.I have been following sites such as ProBlogger, and making use of any tips I think I can implement (some have been very useful!)
  • Include posts and tweets re JQ Bookwormers group
    • the group changed (no longer JQ Bookwormers, I stopped going and stopped promoting).
  • Make better use of hashtags across twitter and google+
    • I’ve used hootsuite in earnest this year, scheduling posts, using hashtags etc. I’ve had some quite good results, with plenty of Rts, and authors/publishers talking to me
  • Rationalise my google+ circles
    • Again as part of bloggiesta, I removed myself from some google+ circles, and did some tidyups – the full list of what I achieved can be seen here.

Other things I have done over the year:

  • I rearranged my bookshelves into themes (authors, subject matter etc) – not only have I been reminded of books I had forgotten about, but it’s given me a new focus over my paperbacks
  • I stopped asking for *every* book from netgalley, and slowly made my way through the books I already have
  • I put a note on my about page saying I was taking no book requests until further notice – which seemed to work, as I was able to concentrate on the books I had!
  • I found several Facebook groups I could join and take part in – The Sunday Salon (where you can talk about anything bookish) and Underrated British Authors of the 20th Century. I have already found a couple of authors on the latter group and hope to be able to take more of an active part in 2015!
  • Late in 2014 came a new challenge – #TBR20 – where the challenge is to read 20 books already in your collection before you buy another. It’s made me think about the books I already have, so I have unsubscribed from the “free ebook” lists, where it was just too easy to pick up yet another free book. By balancing new books against older books, not only do I hope my reviews will be more interesting – since my reading will be also (with the added bonus of better stats!)
  • I am making use of excel to know when to schedule my posts on alternate days. I still have losts of posts in the pipeline, and am already scheduling into May (with some Christmas related posts all ready for December 2015), so this allows me to know what’s going out when

4 thoughts on “State of the Union (new year blogger resolutions 2014)

  1. This sounds like you spend a phenomenal amount of time working on your blog and promotion. Wish I was even half as organised but I can’t think beyond next week let alone five months from now. Phew.

    How did you manage to double the number of followers Nordie – do you think it was the result of participation in memes for example or just the fact you post more frequently? Im interested because I think my number is stalling somewhat.


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