Blogger Resolutions 2015

Following on from my State of the Union post, and a repeat of last year’s blogger resolutions, I’m going to do the same this year.

  • Double subscribers to this blog (to 600, excluding twitter followers)
  • Double annual page hits to this blog (to 12000)
  • Double twitter followers to @brumnordie (to 600)
  • Streamline the blogs I follow, removing duplicates, adding more
  • Read and review 75 books. 50% to be paperbooks or audiobooks. Once again I read over 100 books in 2014, but many of those were freebie romances.
  • Take part in #TBR20 (from, where I will not “purchase” another book until I have read 20 of the ones I already have. This includes the freebies from amazon, as well as the galleys from sites like netgalley.
  • Include links to purchase, twitter or website, where known
  • Include author on at least 1 review tweet, where known
  • Post every other day
  • Migrate pages from my now defunct site at with a view to shut that site down completely.
  • Include @sorchaogle in any craft related posts
  • Make better use of hashtags on twitter
  • Ensure about and contact details are maintained and up to date.
  • Make use of scheduling and planning software as appropriate.
  • Take part in blogging challenges, such as Bloggiesta, as and when I remember!
  • Continue doing more non-review posts, such as Sunday Salon posts, which I hope people find interesting – they certainly generate comments!

So does anyone else have plans for 2015?


4 thoughts on “Blogger Resolutions 2015

  1. These are great and attainable blogger resolutions. Good luck and I really hope you have a great year. I hope my visit and follow added to your goal 😀

    I’ll have to check out your Sunday Salon posts – always looking for another great event to check out.


    • The group is on Facebook where lots of great people share their posts, so you will hopefully be able to find one or more people to follow and comment on!


  2. I like that your resolutions are actually measurable and obtainable! Specific is good. I especially like your intention to include websites in your reviews & include authors when you tweet about their books… totally “stealing” these ideas! 🙂


    • Too many years in management and writing performance reviews! How can people know whether they’re performing well if you dont tell them what the benchmark is?

      I write about a lot of newish authors and books, so see part of my job is to help authors out by driving traffic to their site and to allow them to add psitive reviews to their portfolio (I dont include them if the review is bland or negative!)


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