Bloggiesta Winter Mini Challenge To Do List

mini winter 2015It’s the Bloggiesta Winter Mini Challenge sign up time and it’s happening Jan 17 – 19 2015. I did have a longer list of things to do but I’ve a) forgotten half of them and b) have realised that I have other plans that weekend too. Therefore I’ve kept this To Do list short and sweet as follows:

  • Check my sidebar links are all present and correct.
  • Review my blogroll is up and correct
  • Review posts to see if any images are required.
  • Review posts to see if any additional links to other posts can be added
  • check that my goodreads, librarything and blog reviews all match up!

10 thoughts on “Bloggiesta Winter Mini Challenge To Do List

    • good luck to you too. I find that sometimes LT and GR dont always have the same books available at the same time, so one list can be really out of date when compared to the other.


    • i checked mine and some blogs hadnt posted in a year! Shows how much I was paying attention! My blogroll now matches (mostly) the blogs I am actively following so that was a useful piece of work to do (unsubscribed from about 15 blogs I wasnt really paying attention to any more)


    • i find having GR and LT to be useful for when i have ARCs are reviewed, but this blog wont have it published for months (I have Christmas reviews scheduled in November, for example). It gets some noise out there for the book, whilst allowing me to run my blog the way I want


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