Book Review: In the Sunshine by P. J. Lincoln

in the sunshine #romanceFor Regan Morel, there’s always been something missing in her life. Orphaned in infancy and raised by a reluctant aunt and uncle, she has never felt like she belonged anywhere or with anyone.

Now, in her early twenties and recently graduated from college, Regan is working to make her way in the world. Far away from her midwestern roots, she is waiting tables in sunny Cocoa Beach hoping one day to become a full-time teacher.

While her professional life is murky, her love life is uncomplicated at the moment. After a two-year relationship with playboy Eddie Levan, she’s on her own and not minding it a bit. But Eddie does, and he wants Regan back. Eddie is use to getting what he wants, when he wants it. He thinks his one indiscretion – the excuse Regan used to dump him – is no big deal and if charm won’t work to get her back back, well, there are other methods.

Meanwhile, police officer Matthew Fischer is visiting Cocoa Beach on a brief vacation. His divorce from Jen just became final and he needs a break, a fresh start. What better place to kick off the rest of his life than Florida? After a long Detroit winter, he needs blue skies and some sunshine to help get himself back on track. The last thing Matt is thinking about is finding a new woman. But when he stumbles across Regan’s path, everything changes. Instant, overwhelming attraction propels Matt to take a risk and that risk turns into a showdown with Eddie Levan. In the Sunshine is a testament to the power of love to overcome all obstacles and how it can change the best-laid plans of those in its grips.

This is a short book, read in a few hours one evening. It starts early one morning when Eddie has woken her up, refusing to admit that their relationship is over because of his behaviour. Regan finally gets rid of him, and goes to work, where she gets to wait on Matthew, a subtly strong tourist who has gone on holiday to start recovering from his recent divorce.

They arent immediately attracted to each other but over the next few days find that they cant forget each other, especially when Matthew interrupts Eddie from harrassing Regan (knight in shining armour etc). There are a few dates, where they (and we) get to know each other better, so we’re not overloaded with too much back story. Finally Matthew starts returning home, but with a reality check from his best friend, realises he needs to take a chance, and returns to Florida.

The story is chaste – no quickies on the beach etc – and short. The secondary characters are given a light touch, but this is ok for this book.

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