Winter 2015 Mini Bloggiesta wrap up

I wont be doing much on the Monday, so this covers mainly the Saturday and the Sunday. First of all, here’s my to do list

  • I tidied up my sidebar – removed the tag cloud that was taking up so much space, whilst not adding much.
  • I added a blogroll, which kind of  ties in with the buddy list task over at parajunkee
  • in adding the blogroll, I tidied my links, which ended up with me rationalising a load of blogs I follow (and mainly no longer read/who no longer post).
  • I made sure that Goodreads and Librarything are up to date with reviews. However, LibraryThing seems to be 4 books short of what I read in 2014, and can I work out which books are missing? (The way GR and LT do their sorts are different, so both lists arent the same, so a line by line cross check is not possible)
  • I reviewed the stats on some previous posts and submitted them to Stumbledupon as well as scheduling some tweets about them too. One of the mini challenges was about shaking up the way the post headlines are written – well I’m starting with the tweets about a post to see where that takes me!

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