Friday Salon: Patterns or Freestyle?

When making something do you follow a pattern or do it freestyle?

I tend to follow a pattern, from a book, magazine, individual pattern etc.  I have a whole stash of source materials, far too many to realistically achieve in a single lifetime, but as usual, that does little to prevent me from getting more when I see an item I like!

I have managed to stop purchasing the vast majority of books, magazines etc. My main source I haven’t been able to resist is from the internet – often when on a website, I see if there are patterns from a designer I like and if I fancy one, will “accidentally” pick one up!

I’m not comfortable doing freestyle work – I’m not that way inclined. I feel more secure following a pattern, even if I spend half my time frogging it out because I wasnt paying enough attention.

That’s for things like cross-stitch – as yet I’m not really into making my own clothes or anything, but I might be a little more flexible when it comes to doing quilting….

So what about you, dear reader, do you follow a pattern or not? Can you make something up as you go along?


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