Sunday Salon: How to Survive being unable to buy books


I can go a long time without buying books (6 months? 8 months?). That’s not the same as without acquiring books. I have several ways of doing this:

  • Sites like Netgalley where I can download ebooks I’ve been approved for.
  • Sites like Amazon (leave me alone!) where I can get free ebooks sent straight to my kindle
  • Authors and publishers who contact me directly to review their books
  • Social Media interaction with publishers (twitter, google+ etc)
  • Bookcrossing – having a wishlist over there so that people can offer me books, with the addition of the regular meetings and the bookshelves around the city where I can find books I might pick up.
  • Oddly enough – the local library is not on my list. I simply have too many books, and use the city library for other reasons!

So what about you, constant reader? How do you survive?


10 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: How to Survive being unable to buy books

  1. I get a LOT of review books too, both physical books and e-copies, and I seem to have a knack of winning book competitions – I still haven’t read all the Deborah Moggach books (8 or so) I won a couple of years ago, or the selection of women’s literary fiction from last Autumn. I also use my local library a lot – it’s only a short walk away across playing fields,very pleasant if the sun is shining 🙂 My greatest weakness though is asking for books I see offered on Freecycle/freegle – the latest acquisition was a HUGE stash – 4 large boxes – of sci-fi/fantasy novels, which I don’t have room for at all, so most will go back to freecycle or be passed on through Bookcrossing once I’ve read them.


  2. I’m pretty boring. I get books from the library where I work and also on ebook from the Free Library of Philadelphia. That’s it. I don’t “do” ARCs so don’t worry about that and don’t always read the latest books, so don’t need to be on NetGalley…not that I’ve ever felt the need to use it.


  3. Mostly the library. I occasionally except books from authors and publishers, but rarely because I prefer reading to my current interests and the library makes it easy.

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  4. Library — and I do buy some books. I buy them because they are often new ones I want to read and they are long listed or not available at the library. I also pick up books at a book exchange at my local health club. I’m fortunate to live in a university town so tastes often run somewhat sophisticated.


  5. I use 4 different local libraries + library ebooks + ILL pretty frequently, on top of NetGalley and Edelweiss. But if you’re looking for physical freebies to keep, try the Goodreads giveaways! I generally get 3 – 5 free books each year this way.


  6. I didnt last very long with my book buying ban last year – about six weeks I think before I succumbed.Though I didnt buy as many as in previous years. If I’m not buying then I rely on the library – thats how I get most of the contemporary books or via net galley. I just don’t have time to interact with authors on Twitter etc


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