Book Review: The Quilt Fairy by Beverly Farr

quiltfairy“If a fairy falls in love, it’s going to be bad for the fairy.”

Her mother warned her, but Margaret doesn’t worry. She’s never found a human attractive . . . until now.

When her elderly landlady dies, Margaret, a house fairy and quilt expert, moves in with her landlady’s single grandson Jonathan. As long as she stays small, this tall, handsome human will never notice her. Or will he?

The Quilt Fairy is a sweet romance — a modern-day fairy tale. It is 12,000 words, technically a long short story or novelette.

This is a short story where Margaret finds her landlady on the bathroom floor, and she gets involved with Jonathan, the banker grandson. Edie dies, and Margaret realises she needs somewhere else to stay. Jonathan finds Margaret mysterious, beautiful and a little kookie – she claims to be a fairy, in order to explain why she doesnt seem to know or do certain things.

Margaret decides that the best thing to do is that she move in with and look after Jonathan, and wonders how long it will take for him to notice that his house is tidier than before, and there’s a reason why his dinner dates go wrong……after several months, they realise that they really are in love with each other and each has to make compromises to be together.

It’s clean, short, inoffensive and a quick read to pass away a few hours.


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