Friday Salon: Tips for New Stitchers

What tips would you give to a new stitcher to help her stitch faster and neater while still keeping it enjoyable?

Don’t run before you can walk – whilst it’s great to be working on the large, impressive designs, you need to start slow, with the right sized smaller designs.

Don’t be afraid to experiment on fabrics and find the ones that work for you

Ensure you have good lighting. You need to see where you’ve been and where you’re going. Ties in with….

Do your best to keep all your stitches going in one direction. Sounds daft. Sounds simple. but it’s more complicated to achieve than you would think. Once in a while, you’ll stitch a whole bank of stitches, then look back and go “D’oh!”.

Don’t get too worked up about the back of your design. Most of the time the item will be made up into something else (framed, as a cushion etc) and you’re there to enjoy yourself. If a person is rude enough to look and then comment on the back, then they’re rude enough to be told to go stitch it themselves.

So you have any tips for new stitchers? Anything you wish you’d been told when you started?



2 thoughts on “Friday Salon: Tips for New Stitchers

    • true! I’ll have to dig some links out, but did take part in “TAST 2012” (available on Facebook) that took you through other stitches such as blanket stitch


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