Don’t Panic! Reading when you have too many books

212_2112x2300_all-free-download.comOn my ipad I have several reading applications – primarily Kindle and Kobo software. Having flirted with a Kobo for several years, and having multiple books still on it, the majority of my ebook reading is done on my kindle software.

For several years I’ve been reading books from Netgalley, but have received books from other sources, including LibraryThing‘s Early Reviewers. In the back of my head I’ve known I have at least one LTER book that’s sitting in the Kobo queue that I’ve had for longer than I admit. I started reading that the other day, and out of curiosity looked for any other LTER books I’ve not read yet. Whoops! There’s about 8, going back into 2013 that I haven’t read and reviewed. Damn!

First reaction? That I need to drop everything and read them. Now. It took me a while to calm myself down and not derail myself. First things first – I havent been chased for the reviews by anyone. I no longer ask for LTER books, recognising that I have too many books already in my possession, and therefore shouldn’t be asking for more. I therefore dont get turned down for any for not having written reviews recently!

The next thing I’m trying to keep to: read the books on my shelves before purchasing any more. Whilst this includes ebooks, it is primarily directed at my paper books. These are spilling out of the bookshelves and are now covering tables. This is not good. I need to shift some of the paperbooks to free up some space and shouldnt be derailed from this goal.

So, it has reminded me to expand my reading back out to not only netgalley books. I’ve also identified some things that can be done differently/better for my reviews. The world won’t end if I don’t to a review the week I get the book. The only one keeping me to this expectation is me and I’m the only one that can give me permission to do something else.

After writing this post initially, I found this post from Estella’s revenge about “We’re not WonderWomen” which I think ties in with what I am trying to say here too – we dont have to (be) set standards that are TOO high, then get beaten up when we dont reach them.

Anyone else get these feelings, and how do you deal with them?



2 thoughts on “Don’t Panic! Reading when you have too many books

  1. I think we all get this way. I did more when I started than I do now, but it still can creep up. I have a tendency to go and request review books all at once, and all of the review requests for books I really want to read all seem to come at once, too. It’s like when you place a bunch of books on hold at the library and then they all come in at once. I pretty much never get the book reviewed in a timely manner so I just started making that clear on my Review Policy and with publishers. They know I will get to it but I will get to it when I get to it, basically. I learned somewhere along the way that the stress of trying to get everything done at just the right time was making me get sick more often, so I let go and it’s been much more enjoyable. I don’t think this method will work for everyone, but it works for me.


    • I’ve realised that if I dont review it immediately, i wont get shouted at, so I’ll read at my own pace. That the review would be better for all that is a bonus!


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