Book Review: Gennaro: Slow Cook Italian by Gennaro Contaldo

Gennaro Contaldo Slow Cook ItalianSlow Cooking is one of Gennaro’s favourite ways to cook: it’s simple, stress-free and allows you to get on with other things safe in the knowledge that slowly, slowly the stove-top or oven is doing its job. Stews and sauces bubble on the hob, a roast cooks in the oven with herbs gently infusing the meat, breads and cakes bake, all filling the house with mouth-watering smells and creating that special warmth which nothing else can.

A classic Italian cookbook and kitchen essential, Gennaro: Slow Cook Italian brings together more than 100 recipes for rich soups and stews, slow-cooked pasta sauces, braised meats, tender roasts, soft breads and sticky desserts and sweets. Unfussy, effortless and often inexpensive, the gutsy and sumptuous dishes are mostly quick to prepare, and let the oven or slow-cooker do the work – so that you don’t have to.

I received an extract of this book from Netgalley in exchange for a review. The full book is published by Pavilion Books

Delivered to my ipad with Kindle software, this had lovely colour photographs, with several dishes (including meat, vegetables, breads and pasta), with both slow cooker and standard cooking directions available.

The recipes aren’t overtly complicated with loads of hard to get ingredients, and with the slow cooking lending itself to cheaper cuts of meat, this should help towards the household budget.

I wasn’t really aware of Italian slow cooking before now, but will certainly keep an eye out for this book in paper form (I also have a thing about  cookbooks, but that’s another story!) – as a excerpt, rather than the full book, it certainly gave me a taster (ahem) for the real thing!

About the Author:

Gennaro Contaldo, is an Italian chef and restaurateur, known for his association with his protégé, Jamie Oliver, and his partnership with fellow Italian chef Antonio Carluccio and their BBC Two television series Two Greedy Italians.

This book is featured on Gennaro’s website and can be brought from most booksellers, including the publishers here


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