Friday Salon: Spring Cleaning

Since I dont have a specific craft room, my stash (let’s face it, stashes) are secreted around the apartment in the places that they fit the best.

I’ve done some spring cleaning in one of the areas around my sewing, partly in order to get the hoover out, and partly to make it less messy looking.

Things have been put back together in boxes – yes apparently I do have that many needles! – fabric has been bundled together and I’ve noticed that there are several pieces I could do over the next year or so.

Of course there are still some wips that are being put back into a sleeve, where I hope I wont see them until the next time I tidy in this area. I have two wips out and most of the way through both, so with any luck I’ll finish both sooner rather than later, and will put images up when done.

I have also taken to my clothes, as I have realised I have far too many. For those shirts that are too small or too worn, they are being stacked in the “quilt” stack. I tend to take the buttons off – added to the button box for later use – and the shirts added into a pile. Sooner or later I will make a quilt of all the scraps – isnt this how quilts were originally made (making use of fabrics that were still usable)?


What Spring cleaning, if any, have you done so far this year?  




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